Detailed Timeline

This timeline is a living record and will be updated as the situation develops. The last update was on 15 August 2023.

Business as Usual (15–29 March) 

All Hell Breaks Loose: Disability Housing Crisis (30 March–19 April)

At the same time, other students begin to gather data from those who were denied accommodations to determine the basis, if any, for denials of housing. Later that day, the "DCL Evidence" Discord server is created to facilitate data gathering/group response to DCL's abysmal management of accommodation housing.

While this is technically possible, it's unlikely due evidence collected by organizers indicating no correlation between housing group formation and whether students' housing was approved.

Cara is likely not at fault here, as communication between SAS (Student Accommodation Services) and DCL (Brandeis Department of Community Living) was reportedly quite lacking this semester. Cara was likely repeating what she has been told by DCL, which is false.

They do not reference any of the evidence of wrongdoing already quite well displayed inside and outside the server, and do not back up any of their claims with any evidence besides unsubstantiated reports of conversations with University officials, the details of which will be lost to time in the grand tradition of oral history.

We're including this in the timeline because while we don't know who this person is, some have speculated that they were a representative of DCL there to demoralize organizers. Normally, this would be a stretch, but their account was created the day they joined the server, indicating a desire to evade identification or accountability. (This is a theory based on pure speculation, and we have no hard evidence to back it up.) Regardless, after a few hours, dunnowhocares is eventually kicked, with server admin providing the following explanation.

"Hey friends. We've decided to kick this person. Not because we disagree with what they're saying, but because this server is here for people who are here to make change, not debate whether we like DCL or to explain why what they're doing is deeply harmful and immoral. We have to justify our accommodations needs enough already. This person has provided no receipts, just claims that regurgitate what DCL's already said, DCL claims which just spread more doubt about what we're doing here. The effect of having to debate whether we need these changes at all is going to demoralize us, fracture us into pointless debates, frustrate organizing and activism, and prevent us from effectively protesting. We can have this debate and explain why we need this change, but we shouldn't have to platform it in this space. We should talk and debate in here about how to bring these changes (protests, petitions, etc.), but not justify whether we need them. We want change, not more excuses."

After this incident, security is increased on the server.

The First Protest (20–21 April)

The protest is peaceful and nondisruptive; students do not shout slogans or make a commotion, and remain on the grass holding their signs, talking amongst themselves and to any prospective students or parents who approach them but otherwise remaining silent.

General Housing Crisis and Meetings with Administration (24 April)

(Please note that we will not be commenting on the disparity between DCL's figure of 230 students on the housing waitlist and our figure of approximately 1200 students who were denied housing. Our figure doesn't account for a lot of things, such as students who do not want to live on campus or students studying abroad. Similarly, DCL's figure likely doesn't account for students who have removed themselves from the waitlist in order to find other options and to not get charged with the late housing cancellation fee. Both figures are likely wrong, and the actual figure is likely somewhere in the middle.)

The Second Protest (28 April–2 May)

Due to the email and our prior agreement with the Office of Student Affairs, organizers cancel the protest and leave. However, many non-organizers enter Sherman Function Hall with signs, asking Liebowitz questions when appropriate, and eventually causing Ron to walk off stage.

Meeting with Andrea and Further Progress (2 May–Present)